Man Who Plays Dark Souls On Expert Probably Also An Expert On Geopolitics, Gender Studies, Economics

Local man Phillip “Wadeyboy” Wade has been awarded several honorary degrees in a variety of academic fields today, with university administrators reasoning that his no-death run of Dark Souls on expert was “basically the same as doing all of the required study”.

Wade accepted the honorary degrees and multiple doctorates in a livestreamed video titled “Wadeyboy DESTROYS Cuckademics!!! [with commentary],” which at the time of publishing has been viewed 4.7 million times.

Point & Clickbait understands that there was some initial pushback from practicing academics in these difficult and obscure fields, who pointed out that Wade did not actually know the first thing about gender studies, labor relations, race relations, geopolitics, history, philosophy or natural sciences.

Fortunately, Wade was able to placate these angry academics by pointing out that he also owned every single Dragonball Z action figure and manga (in the original Japanese).

“I was initially worried that perhaps we were giving too much credit to a buffoon, a fool of a man with literally no knowledge about anything,” explained researcher Hope Wilkins, who spent seven years studying the intersection of race relations and class structure in the United States.

“When I put the question to Phillip… sorry, Dr. Wade, however, he referred me to his collection of katanas, which I have to say was very convincing.”

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