Pavlov’s Dog Pre-Orders Ringing Of Dinner Bell

His tail wagging happily, local dog Bruno has entered the house and pre-ordered one ring of the dinner bell, a sound which he is certain will be immediately followed by food.

Sources close to the situation report that Bruno has also splashed out on several exclusive pre-order collectibles, including additional food, and a collectible napkin which can be equipped in the neck slot.

Bruno explained that the decision to pre-order was an easy one. “The bell rings, and then I get food,” said Bruno to Point & Clickbait. “Why wouldn’t I want that bell to ring?”

“When I have the latest and greatest food, that’s when I’m the happiest,” he continued, dripping saliva onto the floor despite earlier plans to wait until the bell rang.

“I guess if I had to pick a time when I am the least happy, it would be when I’m not eating,” Bruno concluded. “So in that respect, I think I made the right choice.”

Other dogs have suggested that Bruno’s eagerness to pre-order is damaging the experience as a whole, and that it would be better to salivate once the food actually arrives, rather than simply when the bell rings – a claim that Bruno rejects.

“It’s just an eater thing,” said the excited dog, eyes fixed on the bell in the kitchen. “Only eaters can understand.”

At the time of printing, Bruno had upgraded his pre-order again, to include a collectible art book with various pictures of bells in it.

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