Warcraft Movie Patched To 1.0.1, Here’s What’s New

Blizzard have rushed out a patch for the Warcraft movie which will address some of the outstanding launch issues facing the big-screen adaptation. Here’s a full breakdown of what to expect:


  • The cooldown on Gul’dan’s ability to open dark portals has been rebalanced to 180 seconds. This should extend the length of the prologue considerably.
  • An error in the opening titles incorrectly refers to ‘Azeroth’ as ‘Middle Earth’ in several places. This has now been corrected.
  • 27 minutes of footage showing the orcs and the humans doing nothing but harvesting wood and mining gold has been removed.

Chapter One

  • The resource count for orc grunts has been increased, reducing the amount available this early in the movie.
  • Conversely, the human early game has been rebalanced to allow for more units on the field at this time and to combat grunt spam. We’ll be keeping an eye on this during future viewings.
  • Placeholder dialogue in which the orc leader Durotan repeatedly refers to his wife and child as “my emotional motivation” has been removed.
  • Due to a legal request from New Line Cinema, the scene where the wizard Medivh repeatedly pokes Lothar until he shouts “A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day,” has been deleted.
  • Another 14 minutes of harvesting wood and mining gold has also been removed from this chapter of the movie.


Chapter Two

  • Garona’s character model has been overhauled to fix the issue where her tusks repeatedly clip through and fall out of her mouth.
  • A scene where King Wrynn outlines his defensive strategy to the war council as “turtling for first 15, then archer spam w/cleric & knight wall. glhf” has been removed.
  • Seventeen minutes of chapter two which were unwatchable due to gold sellers talking loudly in the theatre have been cleaned up. Please use the report function if you find these players in your theatre.
  • After sending her infant son Thrall to safety, Durotan’s wife Draka no longer turns to the camera and winks, saying “Good luck, son. Good luck in Heroes of the Storm, where champions from all worlds gather to fight for glory and honour, free to play on Battle.net.”

Chapter Three

  • A scene where Chris Metzen shows up dressed as “the mysterious assassin, Shadowblade” and single-handedly kills 397 enemies in a lengthy action sequence has been removed, as has the scene immediately following it where the main characters gush about the mysterious assassin Shadowblade and his mysterious past (which nobody knows).
  • Doorways in the city of Stormwind have been widened to prevent clipping issues with shoulder pad size.
  • Network code has been re-written so that King Llane’s unfortunate disconnect just before his charge at the orc encampment should not occur again.
  • Warchief Blackhand no longer gasps “gg… wp….” with his dying breath.
  • Additional polish.


  • Samwise Didier’s listing in the credits as “$$$_Da badass m0th4fuck4_$$$” has been adjusted and now correctly reflects his actual title. Blizzard apologises for allowing Didier to write his own credit listing.

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