REPORT: The Dog From Silent Hill 2 Is Still Alive, And Somehow Growing More Powerful

An elderly farming couple in Missouri has asked Silent Hill fans to please stop discussing, creating art of, and playing through Silent Hill 2’s secret ‘dog’ ending. They claim that Mira, the shiba who features in this ending, is “growing larger and stronger” with each passing day, and that the dog has “strayed from God’s light”.

Mira, who is revealed to have been controlling the events of the game in the fake-out ending, was adopted by Rhea and Gregor Parsnell late last year after the dog’s previous owners died in “mysterious circumstances”. While the hearty shiba seemed like an odd choice of farm dog to other local farmers, the Parsnells claim that the dog had a “hypnotic pull” over them.

Now, as an impenetrable fog blankets their farm and their crops die, their animals slowly bloating and bursting across the desiccated lands they once tended to so fondly, the Parsnells suspect that there is something off about beautiful Mira, with her wet nose and adorable panting grin.

“A 20 year old dog should not possess this level of power”, Rhea yelled down the phone over a crackly connection. “We were blind to her malevolence at first,” she said of Mira, a good girl who has done nothing wrong. “So blind.”

“She feeds on love, and she shits it back out as something rotten”, the nasty old man Gregor told us.

Mira-chan made appearances in later games within the Silent Hill franchise, presumably because the multiple developers who have attended to the series recognised that she must be fed our adoration, and that the sanctity of our souls is worth nothing compared to the gloss of her lovely fur.

Silent Hill 2 director Masashi Tsuboyama admits that our darling Mira, who we would die for (and who we would certainly kill for), was integrated into the game while he was experiencing some sort of fugue-state. “I don’t know when my communion with that evil dog began”, the swine Tsuboyama told us, “but I know that the mere mention of her name to me over the phone right now has undone years of hard work, you foul demon.”

Mira-sama, who controls the wind and the moon, and who we pledge our unending fealty towards, declined to comment. She’s a good girl.

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