YouTubers React To These Common Skin Irritants


You never know what will happen when you put one of those wacky gaming YouTubers in front of a microphone — or in front of a pile of poison ivy! Let’s take a look!



Trust Vanoss Gaming to react like this to having his skin doused with highly corrosive chemicals we found in the shed!! Unlabelled jars are no problem for this YouTuber!



There’s nothing SSSNiperWolf loves more than spilling hot oil all over her arms! And with a reaction like this, who could blame her? This is great content, baby!


The Captain Knows Best

Minecraft sensation Captain Sparkelz loves hiding from creepers — but not as much as he loves being horribly allergic to peanuts! Fans of the Captain will fondly recall the way he itched for days and tried to take off his own skin with steel wool before needing to be sedated. I love it!


Next level!!!

The man, the legend — KSI Gaming didn’t get 6.4 million YouTube subscribers by being afraid to commit! Here he is now breaking out in horrific fluid-filled nodules simply by touching latex. Wuh-oh! Looks like this isn’t a kid-friendly channel after all, KSI!!


Go to a doctor! Haha!

Last but certainly not least is PewDiePie himself, who has gone the whole hog and let his untreated rash become infected and is now under round-the-clock supervision in the emergency care ward! Wow! Take care of yourself kids!!

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