New Hardcore Survival Sim Includes Brutal Struggle Of Convincing Your Friends To Play It

Fans of games like DayZ, Rust, ARK and Scum can now head to the Steam Early Access section and pick up the promising new hardcore survival sim, Shit Out Your Own Skull And Die Island – but don’t be too eager!

What separates Shit Out Your Own Skull And Die Island from others in the genre, apart from the fact that your character could shit out their own skull and die at any time, is the unique twist: your first task with every new character, before you even land on the island, is trying to sell this awful game to one of your friends and convince them to join you.

By linking your Steam account with your social media accounts, the developers of Shit Out Your Own Skull And Die Island promise they will be able to provide “real time monitoring of your futile attempts to convince your friends to spend $50 on this torture,” according to the press release.

Any players who are unable to convince their friends to purchase a copy within 24 hours will find that their character is instantly killed and their account banned.

“With Shit Out Your Own Skull And Die Island, we are finally delivering the excruciating, gruelling, basically pointless survival experience that PC gamers absolutely live for,” promise the developers.

The new game has already become a hit with streamers, who have been live broadcasting their increasingly desperate campaigns to sell the game to the friends. Those few who do manage to make it to the island have almost instantly died from shitting out their own skull, earning this nightmare torture pyramid scheme trap a preliminary “Very Positive” rating on the store.