YouTuber Spends Thirty Minutes Explaining How Long Thirty Seconds Is

YouTube sensation Brett “TIMEBEAST” Schmidt today uploaded a new video, where he spends thirty minutes giving his viewers a detailed breakdown of exactly how long thirty seconds is.

Reports suggest that his 483,000 subscribers were delighted by his fearless insights and robust analysis of each individual second. In between each of those thirty seconds, Schmidt would reportedly pause the timer and offer his opinion on the latest countdown development.

Point & Clickbait understands that Schmidt’s detailed overview of each of those thirty seconds was hailed by fans as both “insightful” and “a valuable alternative viewpoint, which is not bought and paid for like the mainstream media are”.

Like all of his other videos, Schmidt filmed himself wearing his iconic “Timer Lyfe” shirt and sitting in front of a shelf full of various clocks and timekeeping devices, as well as urging his audience to like and subscribe for more.

At printing time, we had absolutely run this already tenuous joke into the ground.

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