Aspiring YouTuber Already Planning Complete Backflip On Political Views

Up-and-coming YouTuber Kerry Copeland may only be a small-time game streamer and social commentator at the moment, but he’s got it all planned out and is on the path to success.

A crucial part of Copeland’s strategy is making sure he sets enough time aside for what he calls his “180 period”, where he will backflip on all his fundamental principles and start saying and doing the complete opposite of what he used to say and do.

After some research, Copeland decided a period of six months should be enough time for him to fully transform into “a real piece of shit”, although he is worried the number might drag out to even longer if he goes “full racist” rather than just “polite racist”.

“Being a full time YouTuber is a lot more complex than it used to be,” said the excited Copeland as he sat at his computer, reviewing his schedule. “There’s a lot of choices that we have to make.”

“For example, should I wait until I have 5K subs before I drop the first hint that I’m transphobic, or should I wait until I have 50K subs?”

“People think it’s just ‘playing video games all day’, but these are the sort of things I have to consider.”

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