Games Retailers Suspicious Of Microsoft’s New ‘Trojan Horse’

Brick and mortar retailers say they are “reluctant” to purchase any bulk orders of the hotly anticipated Microsoft Trojan Horse, citing uncertainty around the long-term viability of the purchase.

The enormous wooden horse may appear innocuous at first glance, but experienced games store retailers say they aren’t convinced by its majestic construction and polished exterior.

Kenny Dean has run his own brick-and-mortar games store for 15 years. He says that there’s “something not quite right” about the enormous wooden horse Microsoft left outside his store during the night.

“I can’t put my finger on it. It’s beautiful, yes, but should I open the gates and let it in? Probably.”

Fellow store owner Bradley Vaughn is more optimistic. Despite walking the length of the horse several times and tapping on it, Vaughn says he “can’t see any problem” with wheeling the horse past his defences and then forgetting about it.

“I’d be happy to bring it inside and then look the other way, or maybe even go to sleep,” Vaughn said. “Absolutely.”

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