YouTube Announces New Plan To Almost Acknowledge Responsibility For Creator Burnout

Content giant YouTube has broken new ground this week by announcing a new plan which will see the multi-billion dollar company “very nearly acknowledge” their responsibility for the burnout epidemic sweeping their high profile creators.

After months and months of big-name YouTubers announcing that they will be leaving or taking a break from the platform, the company has opened its heart and revealed that “ :( “.

“It’s absolutely devastating to see our valued not-technically-employees hurting like this,” said a spokesperson for YouTube.

“Of course our not-technically-employees are deeply valuable to us, in a strictly financial sense,” continued the spokesperson. “But now, for the first time, we are prepared to admit that their emotions are also somewhat valuable to us. Yes, you could say we are ‘pretty sad about the whole thing’.”

Popular YouTuber Donna “ThisIsDonna” Moore, who creates $250,000 of value for YouTube annually through her monetised videos, said that she found YouTube’s sad face emoji to be really touching.

“I was really surprised and pleased to see that YouTube almost acknowledged their role in the stress and depression I am feeling,” Moore told Point & Clickbait.

“Unfortunately I took their statement to my doctor and he said that it ‘didn’t count as an employment contract’ and so I would ‘still have to pay for my own counselling’ instead of billing it as workers compensation. So that was disappointing.”

“Anyway, like and subscribe for more (contributions to my medical bills),” she concluded.

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