What A Relief: Bobby Kotick Confirms That Activision Donations To Republicans, Democrats Were “Not Political”

To the relief of gamers everywhere, entertainment giant Activision has confirmed that the regular donations it makes to the two largest political parties in the country are, in fact, not political.

An SJW journalist who was clearly pushing an agenda was the first to raise concerns, rudely using a rare interview opportunity with Bobby Kotick to question him about the use of political themes in his games, rather than thanking him for the darker and more mature tone of Diablo 4.

Fortunately, Bobby Kotick absolutely DESTROYED this soylord, putting all of this fabricated controversy to rest.

“Sure, we donate money to both the Republicans and the Democrats,” said Kotick, presumably because he, like all logical gamers, evaluates ideas on their own merits rather than being slavishly devoted to any particular ideology.

“However, I want to be clear that we are not trying to make any kind of statement with these donations. There’s nothing political about giving a lot of money to an elected representative, especially when they might be about to cast a vote on particular tax breaks for a particular company, or on employment legislation. I don’t think we’re trying to say anything with that.”

Kotick was unfortunately not able to comment on all of the SJW complaints about women of colour in Overwatch or whatever, but we’re pretty sure he was thinking it and would have said it if he wasn’t being censored somehow, presumably.

Unfortunately the cuck journalist was not willing to question Bobby Kotick on really important things, like the problems with Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, or Hong Kong which is still a thing we are angry about. 

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