Epic Marathon: This Developer Managed To Play A Game For Two Whole Hours Over The Weekend

Think you’re up for an intense gaming session? Your most Herculean efforts are as nothing compared to local game developer and technical artist Branden Hurst, currently employed building a cape physics system for Legend of the Gunsmith: The Ballad of Victor Gunsmoke, who gave it his all this weekend and was able to achieve an incredible two largely uninterrupted hours of gaming time.


Hurst prepared for his epic marathon by sticking to what he calls his “tried and true training regimen”, which consists of trying desperately to get all of his chores and errands done, briefly acknowledging the existence of his family, checking the work Slack and Trello accounts to make sure that he’s completed his Sunday workload, and desperately hoping that the kids will go to bed on time so he can actually play a fucking video game for once.

The result? Another epic success, of course. Great work, Brendan!

Hurst’s clan-mates are in awe of his achievement. Using the group DM they started a few years ago to discuss Destiny raid times and which is now largely used to exchange BBQ recipes and podcast recommendations, this group of mid-30’s badasses agreed that Hurst’s two incredible hours was “unbelievable” and he should “maybe have used that time to get some sleep, for once”.

Even though his marathon two hour slog means he will “go to bed slightly late” and “not feel too crash-hot on Monday”, Hurst, who used his five sick days this year combating influenza, says he has no regrets about going as hard as he did.

“I simply love to game,” the hardcore lad told us as he leaned back in his seat on the train the next morning, trying to catch a little shut-eye in the few precious minutes he had remaining on his commute. “Just, you know. Can’t get enough of this industry,” he added, yawning so loudly that it caused a nearby child to start crying, which in turn gave him flashbacks to when he was rudely awoken at 3AM to feed his own baby and respond to a Reddit post about a bug that contained an extremely specific death threat in it.

“Gaming,” he mumbled again, epically.