Game Of Thrones: Let’s Discuss Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor’s Appearance In THAT Scene

Wow, Game of Thrones is really heating up! Now with just one or two episodes left until the epic season finale, we’re faced with a few big questions – who will sit on the Iron Throne? Is Lady Stoneheart going to finally make an appearance? And will Lord Taylor, keeper of the tools, ultimately swear fealty to any god or ruler within the seven realms? Once again, here are our top thoughts after watching this week’s episode (and sorry for being late again – once more I had to set up the VCR because my youngest son Joshua got a piece of Lego stuck in his ear and had to go to the emergency department – don’t worry, my little fella’s okay!).

1. Are Lord Taylor and Qyburn working on something together?

Once again we return to Lord Taylor’s side for much of this episode, and I’ve stopped questioning it. This late addition has ended up being an essential part of the show – I can’t imagine how Game of Thrones could have wrapped up without his machinations. This week, the abrupt cross-cutting between Qyburn’s advising of Queen Cersei and Lord Taylor’s latest drama – his angle grinder has stopped working, and he stubbornly chooses to seek a replacement part for his ancient machine rather than simply purchasing a new unit – suggests that a scheme is afoot. Could Tim be assembling a new weapon for the Golden Company? And will they, once again, make the mistake of revealing it live on Tool Time?

2. Is the Binford 9000 immune to dragon fire?

As Daenerys flexed the might of her dragons throughout this episode, we couldn’t help but wonder about the true strength of the Binford 9000, the malevolent tool with which Lord Taylor and his shadowy manservant, Ser Al, plan on protecting the Lannister throne. Actress Patricia Richardson, still bafflingly off-script, expressed contempt for her Tim’s ‘zany antics’, but we believe this is going to really turn the tide when (and if) we finally get the battle between good and evil that the series has been building up to.

3.  Randy Taylor = Randy Baratheon?

So stay with me here. Lord Taylor’s lesser son, Randy, isn’t explicitly referred to as a bastard at any point in the episode, but the contempt with which Lord Taylor treats him – scolding him for an untidy room and unkempt haircut – suggests a rift between the pair. Could it be that the philanderous Robert Baratheon planted yet another one of his seeds within the Taylor house, years ago, and that the rest of Westeros has been unaware that a usurper king was sprouting? Lord Taylor’s claim to the throne is in question – we suspect he might have more luck constructing his own – but we would be very surprised if Randy Taylor does not become an essential part of the series’ eventual endgame

4. What’s going on with the flashbacks to a young Lord Taylor’s imprisonment?

Now this was really odd. At one point the image crackled and skipped hard, jumping to a flashback presented with an oddly out-of-place non-diegetic narrator, who described the ‘dark past’ of Lord Taylor. The details are fascinating – Lord Taylor, keeper of the tools, the Assembly Man, Last of the Men Standing, He Who Would Peer Beyond Infinity, was imprisoned in his youth on charges of ‘trafficking’ (what of, we couldn’t say for sure – I suspect that his true crime might have been deserting the Night’s Watch, possibly to be with the Wildlings).

In this extended flashback, we discover that Lord Taylor gave up the names of his conspirators in exchange for an early release, so that he could return to the Taylor homestead and continue his work uninhibited. Could this be the vision of the Three Eyed Raven? It’s extremely late to be learning such a detail, but we can’t wait to see how Lord Taylor’s past comes back to haunt him, and what impact this might have on any claim he may make for the Iron Throne.

5. What Happened To Theon’s Dad, Again?

I just honestly don’t remember. Is he still alive or what?

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