Team Of Six Widowmakers Somehow Loses Game Of Overwatch

The competitive Overwatch scene suffered a surprise upset today when a team composed entirely of Widowmaker snipers lost a match without capturing a single point.

The match was over in four brutal minutes, with analysts scratching their heads at how such a bizarre turn of events was able to occur.

Slow motion replays revealed that the other team had opted for an unorthodox mixed make-up of tanks, healers, support and utility classes, and was somehow able to combine their strengths and overwhelm the startled Widowmaker lineup — who were expecting to face off against six other Widowmakers.

Several threads have been started on in response to the outcome, with Widowmaker fans arguing that this clearly shows the scantily-clad sniper is in need of a buff to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

One of the Widowmaker players disagreed however, saying that the team of snipers was always going to lose because nobody was listening to his urgent requests that “someone go healer”.

“I wrote ‘someone go healer’ in the chat at least 50 times,” explained the frustrated gamer, who was “too busy” to change to a healer himself.

“I even screamed it over voice chat but nobody would listen,” he finished sadly. “That’s the problem with Overwatch — I’m the only person who wants our team to win.”

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