Anti-Censorship Activist Strangely Silent On Issue Of Batman’s Penis

Counter-culture thought leader and outspoken free speech activist Nick “BladeOfReason” Dunn has today somehow failed to make comment on the controversial issue of Batman’s penis being removed from official artwork.

This week’s launch of Batman: Damned #1, by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, sparked conversation with the inclusion of a clear drawing of Batman’s penis. Now as DC Comics works overtime to remove that penis and quite literally censor the art, Dunn says he “doesn’t see what the big deal is.”

“It’s just a dick, man,” explained Dunn, who last week uploaded no less than three separate YouTube videos in which he asserted that female superheroes should be required by law to have at least a D-cup bra-size. “Nobody wants to see that anyway.”

“Like, whatever,” the critical thinker added thoughtfully, pausing our interview briefly to bash out a 1,700 word comment about how it was “literal mind control” that he was not allowed to see the faint outline of a woman’s vulva in the Western release of his favourite JRPG.

Describing himself as “sex-positive”, Dunn added that “puritan elements of the regressive left would like us to forget all about our perfectly natural sexual urges. Any censorship of artistic expression must be viciously opposed wherever it appears.”

“Unless it’s, like, gay,” he concluded.

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