Aspiring Dungeon Master Practices Raising One Eyebrow In Preparation For The Big Day

Local man Henley Gersh is today going the extra mile to make sure that everything will be perfect in his first game as Dungeon Master – printing out character sheets for all of his players, stocking his fridge with a great variety of snacks, and most importantly of all, learning how to raise one eyebrow so that he looks “foreboding and commanding”.

Many Dungeons & Dragons players believe that abstract concepts such as ‘storytelling’, ‘a clear grasp of the rules’, and ‘respecting a player’s personal boundaries’ make for a superior tabletop experience. However, Gersh – who says he has “looked at a lot of photos of Matthew Mercer” – says that he believes differently.

“When my players hit my table tomorrow, they are naturally going to be looking to me for guidance,” Gersh told Point & Clickbait as he squinted at the mirror, using one finger to lift his eyebrow in a thought-provoking and mysterious manner, before removing his hand and swearing as his “accursed brow” refused to stay up on its own.

“If I am unable to lift one eyebrow in a manner suggestive of a be-cloaked stranger in the dark corner of a bar who may (or may not) be willing to hand out quests, they will sense weakness and fall upon me like wild animals.”

In order to fully immerse his players, Gersh has taken the unusual step of hiring a professional photographer, who will take dark and atmospheric photographs of him at the table wearing a “very cool” hooded cloak, a process that Gersh estimates will take only 6 or possibly 7 hours.

“Once the photos are done and uploaded to social, and after a short break of course to allow my eyebrow muscles to rest, we should be ready to jump right into a hell of a game.”