These Dishonored 2 Screenshots Look Terrible After We Pixelated Them In Photoshop

  • pixelated-dishonored-2-screenshots-1
  • pixelated-dishonored-2-screenshots-2
  • pixelated-dishonored-2-screenshots-3
  • pixelated-dishonored-2-screenshots-4
  • pixelated-dishonored-2-screenshots-5

I was looking forward to Dishonored 2… until I noticed something highly suspicious. What was hiding behind that gorgeous hand-painted art style? That’s right folks — all I had to do was load the images into Photoshop and pixelate them, and suddenly this blockbuster game looked like total trash.

What is Arkane hiding? Surely they must have known about this all along. Rest assured that I won’t stop until I get to the bottom of this conspiracy. Check out the disturbing evidence above and see it for yourself.

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