Five Easter Eggs In The New Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer That Hint At Stanley Kubrick Faking The Moon Landing

In the new trailer for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, Paramount is finally giving fans of the lovable blue blur exactly what they want–a fun-filled adventure for the whole family, a new generation of Sonic for the fans to love, and most importantly, a deep-yet-subtle exploration of the undeniable fact that Stanley Kubrick was instrumental in doctoring the so-called 1969 moon landing by the fake Apollo 11 and its actor crew.

We’ve rounded up biggest hints in the trailer that Sonic is going to expose Kubrick as a fraud during the film and finally alert the American public to the grand lie that has shaped their lives ever since.

0:04: The Loop

It’s no accident that the first thing we see Sonic do in the trailer is run through an alien circular ring, making a mockery of our real-world physics in an entirely fabricated environment. The message here is clear: you can’t trust what your Eyes (whether Wide Shut or otherwise) are telling you.

0:23: The Baseball Match

As Sonic flits around, acting out every individual position in a baseball match in a crude facsimile of the great American pastime, it’s hard not to reflect on how Stanley Kubrick’s feat was, similarly, the performance of a single man operating at the top of his game, working to produce something that could appear ‘real’ to those who wanted to believe it to be so.

Note too the red batter’s helmet Sonic wears, which is an obvious allusion to REDRUM, Danny Torrance’s plea in The Shining (which, of course, encouraged us all to watch the moon footage backwards and forwards to analyse for hints of Kubrick’s deception). Making it baseball, a sport invented and beloved by Americans, only deepens the irony.

0:57 It’s Doctor Robotnik, Not Eggman

Jim Carrey’s lanky oaf character refers to himself as Doctor Robotnik in the film’s trailer rather than accepting the Eggman moniker, a clear and obvious allusion to Kubrick’s denial of his real occupation – faking moon landings. Like the moon, an egg is a spherical white object that Sonic the Hedgehog is repressing. If Stanley Kubrick could show us the dawn of humanity in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Sonic the Hedgehog seems to ask, then surely he was also responsible for the obviously doctored footage of the man claiming to be Neil Armstrong?

1:12: The World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball

The clearest tell in the trailer is the scene where the miscreant Sonic zooms in and out of a rubber band ball exhibition, his initial jubilance making way for a wary endorsement of consumerism. So too did Kubrick push aside his own values and beliefs to fake the moon landing; we return once against the the symbolic sphere, but this time it’s one that could snap apart and hit you right in the eye if interrogated by fingers willing to pry beyond its surface, just as Stanley Kubrick himself did in Full Metal Jacket’s A-and-B structure. It’s clear that Sonic the Hedgehog will be the film to finally expose the guilt that ate away at Kubrick’s heart.

1:57: Sonic Says ‘Here Comes The Boom’.

Boom? More like Moon (Stanley Kubrick faked landing on this).

Were you involved in helping Stanley Kubrick fake the moon landing in 1969? Leave your name and address as well as a copy of your regular schedule in the comments below.

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