Sensible Compromise: This Man Will Allow Women Soldiers In Battlefield 5, As Long As They Have Enormous Boobs

The debate about women soldiers in Battlefield 5 may soon be over, with local man Daniel Swandon offering an olive branch across the divide to say that he will agree to accept the presence of women in the game – as long as all of them have massive breasts.

Wow. That’s what I call being willing to work together!

In an increasingly polarised world, it’s great to see people who want to put their differences aside like this. Speaking to Point & Clickbait, Swanson said that the idea just came to him out of nowhere.

“All of this anger and divisiveness was really getting me down,” said Swandon. “So I thought – what can I do to stop feeling like this? That’s when I realised there was a way for us to all get what we want.”

Wherever you fall on the women soldiers debate, one thing is clear: there are more things that unite us than divide us. Although the gap between us may seem impossible, Swandon’s diplomacy and thoughtfulness is a beacon of hope in dark times.

But will Swandon’s vision of women with huge titties, heaving dramatically as they run around in tight fitting clothing, be enough to unite these two warring factions? Share if you think it’s time for everyone to stop fighting and come together behind this big breasted banner!

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