Gamers Excited To Buy An Oculus Rift Three Or Four Years From Now

Gamers everywhere were absolutely thrilled by today’s announcement that they will be able to purchase an Oculus Rift headset in three, maybe four years time when they’ve managed to save up enough money.

“This is huge for me,” explained gamer Jason Young, who doesn’t have $600 USD on him right now but is nonetheless fuckin’ amped.

“If you’d told me three or four years ago that I’d be able to purchase an Oculus Rift in six or eight years time, I’d have laughed in your face.”

“Who’s laughing now, huh? Certainly not me, as my body is wracked by unrelenting sobbing.”

Australian gamers in particular are thrilled with the Oculus Rift price announcement, which works out to $1,100 in local currency, including shipping.

Local Australian Carolyn Marsh explained that she found the idea of stumping up as much money as it would cost to buy a second-hand car, or a monthly mortgage repayment, incredibly agreeable.

“I’ve already spent $2,000 on a computer capable of running the bloody thing, so what’s another insanely large amount of money on top of that?” she asked, sweating nervously.

“Ha ha ha. Haaaaaa.”

Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey is excited by the possibilities as well, explaining that while sales might be weak to start with due to “our astronomically unaffordable pricing that is hilariously out of the reach of the average gamer”, they will pick up in three or four years time.

“Virtual reality is the future! By that I mean that it is unaffordable now, but it will be affordable in the future.”

“If you start saving now.”

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