Conspiracy Nut? This Man Believes “The Payload” Is Real – And We Should Get On It

Local man Dale Bradey doesn’t look like the sort of man you would describe as a “conspiracy nut”. He’s clean-shaven, in a stable relationship, and holds down a steady job. And yet, night after night, Dale sits there, at his computer, hoping to convince people to “get on the payload”.

It’s an obsession that is slowly driving his partner Shawn to despair.

“At first it was kind of endearing, you know?” Shawn told Point & Clickbait. “When we started dating, it took him a while to work up the courage to tell me that he believed in the payload… that he was a ‘payloader’, as he calls it. I thought it was a quirky little hobby.”

“Lately though, ever since he’s discovered voice chat… things have been really getting out of hand.”

Dale is one of a small but determined group of people who believe in something that they call “the payload” – an object that nobody has ever seen, but that is rumoured to be able to change the course of the game if captured.

For years, people just like Dale have been trying to prove that the payload exists. Unfortunately for these ‘payloaders’, all of the evidence gathered so far seems to be completely circumstantial, and impossible to replicate.

“I have a lot of respect for these payloaders, but the simple fact is that if such a thing did exist, we would have found it already,” Professor Judy Collier told Point & Clickbait.

“I’ve been studying levels for years, and while there is some indication that an object as large and important as the payload my have existed in the past, it has simply been out-evolved by more pressing and smaller tasks, like ‘chasing kills’ and ‘dicking around’.”

Dale says that despite all of the nay-sayers in his life, he refuses to give up.

“If everyone would just… just get on the fucking payload,” Dale screamed at me over voice chat, “we wouldn’t be in this fucking situation!!!!”

Amazing stuff. Even if you don’t agree with his crazy theories, you have to admire his passion.

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