Kojima Excited By Opportunity To Deliver Even More Extremely Fucked-Up Treatments Of Women

Trigger warning: Discussion of rape and sexual abuse.

Having finally been released from his contract with Konami, creative genius Hideo Kojima is hitting the ground running with a new independent studio that he says will deliver “new and terrifying levels of my trademark misogyny”.

Speaking through a translator, Kojima excitedly announced that his new studio, Kojima Productions, would take full advantage of their status as an independent developer to ensure that his track record of women characters being abused, raped, humiliated and forced to wear revealing clothing, or no clothing at all, would be “just the beginning”.

“I’ve been holding back for so long,” explained Kojima, author of a game where a bomb was forcibly inserted into the vagina of a rape victim.

“Now I’m free to really explore what it means to be an artist: punishing, hurting and humiliating women.”

Kojima was recently honoured at the extremely relevant Game Awards 2015 for his work on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a game which features a mute woman named Quiet who wears extremely revealing torn stockings and a bikini which shows off her enormous breasts.

Quiet does this because Kojima decided, as only a creative genius can, that she has some kind of parasite that forces her to breathe through her skin, which is why she wears as little clothing as possible, especially around her massive, realistically-jiggling knockers.

“Quiet was a great character. Just great,” Kojima continued. “The titties. That scene I included where she dances around in the rain, showing off those titties. The attempted rape scene. And the titties. It really just all came together.”

“But can we improve? I think we can. There’s always room for improvement.”

Leaked concept documents for Kojima’s upcoming game show that it will feature an elite cadre of enormously large-breasted women warriors, who are all rape victims, and who ride around inside robotic power armour completely naked. The robotic power armour is controlled by their orgasms, which they need to have constantly in order to function effectively. They are also infected with a virus that forces them to have sex every 12 hours, otherwise they will explode, killing the President of the United States.

Kojima would not comment on these leaks other than to say that it was “a good starting point”.

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