Ubisoft Blog Somehow Scores Exclusive Interview With Ubisoft Developer

Ubisoft’s official blog has beaten the odds today by, incredibly, managing to score an exclusive interview with one of Ubisoft’s own developers.

The Ubisoft blog author, themselves an Ubisoft staff member, described how they overcame stiff competition to reach the developer’s desk ahead of the other games journalists — who were not aware of the interview opportunity and were not, in fact, even on the premises.

“Look, I won’t lie — getting up and walking the five metres to that desk… that’s something that not just any publication could achieve,” explained the blog author.

“We are uniquely qualified to chase this kind of lead,” they continued. “Nobody else could have walked to that desk with our exacting precision, and got the incredible, in-depth results that we achieved.”

“That’s why we get these kind of exclusives.”

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