Man Who Boycotts EA Games Plays Star Wars Battlefront For Fifth Time This Week

Gamer Ron Mullins has celebrated his ongoing boycott of all EA Games titles by firing up and enjoying a few rounds of Star Wars Battlefront.

Mullins has maintained a strict and principled regimen of EA Games boycotts for several years now, except for the occasional games of Battlefield 3Battlefield 4, and a 100-hour playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition which he picked up “because it was on sale”.

“It’s disgusting, what EA are doing with Star Wars,” said Mullins to Point & Clickbait. “They’re just ruining my favourite sci-fi universe. It’s garbage. I refuse to support it.”

“Anyway, all my friends were playing it, so, whatever.”

Mullins also absolutely refuses to use EA’s Origin software, which he has installed on his PC and set to launch automatically.

“I won’t be like the other sheep who just gobble up whatever EA gives them,” Mullins insisted as he watched the trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda. “I’ve tweeted several times at EA and told them exactly where I stand on the issue.”

“If they want to come to the negotiating table, that’s fine. The ball is in their court.”

“They’re the ones losing out.”

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