GamerGate Supporters Hopeful Continued Harassment Will Prove They Don’t Support Harassment

Leaked documents from inside GamerGate seen by Point & Clickbait reveal that they believe they are now extremely close to achieving their goal of harassing people into agreeing that they are not a harassment campaign.

While some members feared that their policy of having 78 people simultaneously demand a “civil debate” from a total stranger might reflect negatively on their image, Point & Clickbait‘s inside source explained that “eat shit, you stupid cuck”.

“Fucking SJW feminist bullshit,” our source continued. “Oh are you triggered? Am I triggering you? Do you want to go to your safe space? Why don’t you block me so you can go back to your fucking echo chamber?”

A spokesegg for GamerGate denied the leaked allegations, saying instead that “your a fucking shill”.

“Cuck #cuck,” they added.

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