YouTuber Shunned By Fans After Forgetting To Ask What Is Up, Guys

One of gaming’s most prominent YouTubers has lost 100,000 subscribers overnight and been labelled a “contemptuous shitbag” after forgetting to open their video by asking “Hey, what’s up guys?”

The YouTuber insists that the omission was an accident and that they “really do care about the guys, and what is up with them,” but fans are not so quick to forgive.

“For me, being asked what was up… that was a mark of respect,” explained one fan.

“I felt like one of the guys, when he asked me what was up. That was a good feeling. I felt included. Now I don’t know what to feel.”

YouTube itself is understood to be looking into the matter, with a spokesperson explaining that the company takes these kind of breaches “very seriously”.

“All of our creators are aware that when they talk about games on our platform they must open every video by asking ‘Hey, what’s up guys?’.”

“This creator has committed a serious offence and will be discussing how best to handle the matter.”

“In the meantime, their cartoon avatar privileges have been revoked.”

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