5 Very Compelling Reasons Why It Would Be Good For Our Website Traffic If Sony Revealed The PlayStation 5 At E3 This Year

Seems like E3 is just around the corner, and the rumour mill is running hot! Everyone is expecting Sony to finally reveal the PlayStation 5, and speaking as the editor of this website, I think there’s a lot of compelling reasons why it would really good for me if that happened. Let’s break them down!

1. Five Is Objectively More Than Four

Mathematics doesn’t lie – it’s simply a larger number. Will that translate into better performance, and at what price point? Will it be 6K, or possibly 7K? These are all questions that won’t be answered at the press conference, or on any of the articles on our website, which, if I may be so blunt, it would be great if you visited.

2. I Spent A Long Time On This Photoshop And Frankly It’s The Least You Could Do

When was the last time you did something for me? Here I am, day in, day out, taking random PlayStation 5 mockups that I find on Google image search, carefully using Photoshop to remove the credit, and putting them on my website – and what are you doing? Nothing. You’re just sitting there, not visiting my damn website. Where do you get off?

3. We’ve Already Made A Listicle Of Games That Need Remastering Again

Every new generation means exactly two things: better processing power, and the chance to use that better processing power to play games we’ve already played. We’re talking Horizon: Zero Dawn Remastered. We’re talking God of War Remastered. We’re talking The Last Of Us Re-Remastered. This list is ready to go, and you’re ready to sound off in the comments. It’s a match made in heaven.

4. Think Of Our Podcast Hosts

I can only string Jerry and Dustin along for so long before they realise that the so-called “Blue Yeti microphone” I purchased for their gaming podcast is a loaf of garlic bread wrapped in aluminium foil. Without your help, my increasingly suspicious podcasts hosts will soon stop their meaningless banter and instead take up the new hobby of bludgeoning me to death. If you will just visit our website, you can do your part to prevent this calamity.

5. I Will Be Able To Think Very Hard About Paying My Writers

A surge in pageviews means a surge in advertising revenue, and that’s exactly the sort of thing I need to finally start thinking long and hard about how much of it should go to my writers. Is it zero? Is it less than zero? At this stage I’m just not sure, but one thing is for certain: if you Sony announces the PlayStation 5 and you visit my website, I will certainly spend some time turning the issue over in my mind. Let’s hope Sony makes the right decision!

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