25 Good Reasons Why Tracer, Who Is Not A Lesbian, Kissed That Other Girl

In the latest Overwatch digital comic, Tracer is seen locking lips with her close gal pal that she shares a place with. It’s a pretty sexy panel, but what could it possibly mean — especially since Tracer is straight, is in love with me, and is not a lesbian? Why might they have been kissing? Here are the top reasons we could come up with.

  1. Tracer and her friend were trying to impress Lucio, who is just outside the panel, watching.
  2. Blizzard is introducing a new character whose ultimate causes characters to kiss each other, but not in a romantic way or anything.
  3. Tracer needs to friction of another person’s lips to charge her chronal accelerator, which had run out of juice earlier in the comic, so it’s purely a matter of function.
  4. Someone was trying to take the payload and they needed a distraction.
  5. A witch put a curse on them.
  6. Tracer was chewing on a piece of magnetic gum and her friend was chewing on a piece of metallic gum, and they accidentally got drawn together. This happens in the Overwatch world all the time probably.
  7. Tracer died between panels, but thankfully Mercy was able to resurrect her with her ultimate. Unfortunately, her friend was holding her dead body at the time, and the jolt of rebirth accidentally brought them together.
  8. They’re practicing mouth-to-mouth techniques, in case Tracer needs to revive someone on the battlefield.
  9. It was an accident. She tripped.
  10. Zarya’s Graviton Surge made it happen, somehow.
  11. It’s just practice because Tracer wants to kiss me, but doesn’t have much kissing experience.
  12. They’re actually just talking in that panel; it’s drawn in a very misleading way. If you’ll look closely you can’t actually see their tongues touching.
  13. This is just how friendship is expressed in this version of Earth. Not even close friendship, necessarily.
  14. This is all part of an ARG. It’s not canon. Don’t pay too much attention to it.
  15. It’s a misprint.
  16. They’re practicing for a three-way. Maybe with, I don’t know, Soldier 76. Sure.
  17. The girl is actually Roadhog, who will be getting a ‘disguise’ ability in the next update.
  18. Winston dies in his lab. The rest of the comic is just his dream – what HE thinks the ideal Christmas looks like. He’s always been in love with Tracer, but knows she doesn’t feel the same way, and because he’s such a nice guy his ideal fantasy is for her to just be a lesbian, so that he knows he never could have had her. He knows that she would need to change too much to be with him, because he’s an ape, and if she was in love with him she wouldn’t be the same girl he feels so strongly about.
  19. Number 18 again, except this time he’s imagining it as he dies because he’s a pervert.
  20. Ana hit them both with sleep darts and they fell into each other like this. They also talk in their sleep.
  21. In the original manga, Tracer’s roommate was a boy. It’s a simple mistranslation.
  22. Political correctness has finally gone too far. We warned everyone that it was coming, and now it’s here. From now on all of your favourite fictional characters are going to be doing kisses with people who look nothing like us, and it’ll pass over into the real world. We’ll call your girlfriend and she’ll say ‘sorry, James, you’re not the person I want to do kisses with anymore’. We were right the whole time. The world collapsed and it’s all because no one would listen to us.
  23. The two girls are under constant surveillance by Sombra, and need to maintain a fake closeness to trick her, for some reason. It’s not gay.
  24. The two characters are in a healthy, loving relationship with each other.
  25. Ghouls.

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