Dishonored NPCs File Class Action Lawsuit: “Dark Vision Gave Me Cancer”

The Outsider has been named as a defendant in a ground-breaking class action lawsuit filed today in the Supreme Court of Dunwall, with more than 1200 city guards, thieves and assassins alleging that over-exposure to the so-called “Dark Vision” power has given them cancer.

The lawsuit alleges that The Outsider “willingly and eagerly” provided Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin with an “untested” power and the NPC claimants served as “guinea pigs for reckless, eldritch experimentation”.

Dunwall town guard Bradford Howell says that he was just minding his own business “walking along, stopping, saying some words aloud, then turning around and doing it again” when he felt a strange “tingling sensation”.

“Now I’ve got a tumour in the gut the size of me fist,” explained Howell, stopping every few minutes to shout “IS ANYBODY THERE?” into the shadows. “I’ve got a year to live and this Outsider is just swanning around like some ancient trickster god, free from the confines of mortality and existing only in dreams?”

“Bloody outrage if you ask me.”

The Outsider made a brief public appearance at the initial filing, coalescing in a nightmare vision of blood and bone to whisper his statement directly into our minds, each syllable stabbing like an icy blade.

“Civilisations long dead have tried many times to bind me in chains of law and word. I have walked on the earth when the world was young, and I have danced in the ashes of stars. My power is the power of the dark spaces between things, of the broken and the deranged, and all those who dare to live where others would be driven to death and despair.”

He stopped briefly to hear some furiously whispered instructions from his lawyer, before adding:

“I, uh, have no further comment at this time.”

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