Minecraft Creator Notch Blames Latest Controversy On “Faulty Redstone Circuits” In Brain

Markus “Notch” Pearsson, creator of Minecraft, has publicly apologised for a series of bad tweets which he claims were caused by “poorly configured redstone circuitry” in his brain.

“Clearly somewhere along the line I missed a repeater or something,” explained an embarrassed Pearsson, as he deleted yet another inflammatory tweet in which he abused a woman/campaigned for a ‘Heterosexual Pride’ Day/abused a different woman/made a bizarre statement about the nature of good and evil/offered a bewilderingly unqualified opinion on geopolitics (delete as applicable).

Observers have been worried about the state of Pearsson’s circuitry for months, with many believing that he has started modifying it himself in the lonely privacy of his Beverly Hills mansion, adding new blocks, switches, pistons and more.

With his latest gaffe/scandal/misstep/bad take/abusive misunderstanding of gender politics and power dynamics (delete as applicable), many are now wondering if Pearsson’s highly customised redstone brain layout is actually beyond repair. Pearsson, however, disagrees.

“I’ve got this. It’s all good,” he explained as he placed another block and then threw a switch. “HnnnggghhhhaaaaaI can’t be racist against women because my mother was poor. To suggest otherwise is cyberbullying and #mansogyny,” he tweeted immediately.

“Nope. Nope. Sorry. Not that one,” he added. “Sorry about that.”

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