Newspaper Journalist Struggling To Decide Which Stock Photo Of Man With Controller To Use

Broadsheet journalist Peter Vargas has spent the day wrestling with a variety of stock images of a man holding a controller, unable to decide which one would best accompany his fearmongering article on the world of video games.

After several hours of intense scrutiny, Vargas has managed to narrow his selection down to three almost identical images of different men holding controllers, all of which offer what he calls a “fairly accurate picture of what gamers probably look like”.

“This one with the spotty face… this says ‘gamer’, but this one with the glasses and the neckbeard, that says ‘gamer’ as well,” mused the hard-working journalist.

“This one where he’s biting his controller… that one just speaks to me. That’s what gamers do. That’s how they eat, I think.”

While Vargas is yet to actually write the article in question, he estimates that it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes once “the real work is done”.

“Something something think of the children something something,” he explained, moving the images around on his desktop.

“It basically writes itself.”

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