Meeting Of The Minds: Local Gamer, Local CEO Agree That Developers Should Work For Free

In today’s divided world, when even the slightest disagreement seems to split the nation, it can be so refreshing just to see two people come together and actually agree on something for once.

But today, real power for change finally seems possible after local gamer Kerry Pierce and local CEO Dwayne Drake agreed that it would be really good for both of them if game developers would just work for free.

Inspiring stuff!

This heartwarming tale first began on social media, when Pierce reacted to the news of a mass layoff by suggesting that the game developers were “lazy” and, if they “really cared” about the game like they claimed to do, they would work for free to finish it.

Collectively, the internet held its breath – expecting another bitter political fight to explode and ruin what should have been a perfectly normal, polite conversation. But instead, things took a wholesome turn when Drake, the CEO, responded to Pierce’s directly, to say that he actually completely agreed. Wow!

Onlookers were so moved by the emotion of the moment that they quickly crowdfunded $10,000 to fly Pierce out to the studio headquarters. A photo of the smiling pair shaking hands out the front of the studio has since been shared thousands of times online and voted to the top of no less than five gaming subreddits.

Incredible. There really is more that unites us than divides us! That’s a message we should all try to remember in these trying times.

Heart react if this story moved you emotionally!

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