Oculus Founder: Evidence Of Me Supporting Donald Trump Just “Very Convincing VR Simulation”

Oculus founder and VR entrepreneur Palmer Luckey has come out swinging against allegations that he secretly funded a group supporting racist megalomaniac Donald Trump, saying that his critics were “trapped in a VR simulation” and “could not be trusted”.

The news has mollified outraged Oculus Rift developers, who say that they are now unsure if their plans to boycott development on the platform were real or simply “another part of Luckey’s terrifyingly believable simulation”.

Luckey, who sweated profusely as he addressed a hastily-arranged press conference, suggested that indeed there was no way to tell who was trapped in a “digital world of lies where I endorse white supremacy”, and who was not.

“This simulation, which I designed and deployed in secret, is so convincing that it actually tricked these journalists into thinking that they had evidence I had directly contributed millions of dollars towards getting the horrifying nuclear idiot that is Donald Trump elected.”

“Unfortunately, this idea is pure fantasy.  I mean, the very idea that a Silicon Valley tech bro millionaire could have awful political views that are desperately out of touch with the real world is simply crazy.”

“To make someone believe such a patently unrealistic idea– this is the true power of virtual reality,” he concluded.

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