Enough Is Enough: The ESA May Donate Slightly Less Money To The Republican Party Following Trump’s Appalling Comments

The Entertainment Software Association is drawing a line in the sand today, warning Donald Trump that his disgraceful remarks linking recent gun massacres to violent video games may have earned him a “marginally reduced campaign contribution”. Scathing!

Only days after the shooting deaths of more than 30 people in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, President Trump used a news conference to blame those deaths on violent video games. Yikes!

Thankfully for our beloved hobby, the ESA came swooping into action immediately, warning the President in no uncertain terms that they are strongly thinking about refusing to donate even one cent more than the $28,200 they have already donated to the Republican Party this election cycle.

Thinking about retiring, Mister Trump? I know I would be after that kind of pwnage!

In a press conference to announce the devastating censure he had just inflicted, ESA chief executive Stanley Pierre-Louis opened fire on the embattled President, his voice booming as he labelled the comments “not very helpful” and “a bit insensitive to the gamers who elected him”.

“While we appreciate everything that President Trump has done in the important area of making sure that our member corporations pay less tax, or even no tax, President Trump really has crossed a line this time,” Pierre-Louis continued, castigatingly. “I was offended, not only as a major donor whose contributions will have a meaningful impact on his path to reelection, but as a gamer.”

“His short-sighted comments, unfairly blaming video games for causing violence rather than simply glorifying it and using it as a military recruitment tool, are a genuine cause for concern among our membership base,” he concluded, waiting for several seconds to let the powerful impact of his devastating pronouncement sink in to the attendant audience and to text his stockbroker.

Pierre-Louis then cut the conference short, saying he was late for a meeting with his local GOP senator.

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