Enormously Popular, Influential Streamer Struggling To Think Of Ways He Could Possibly Change Streamer Culture

Fortnite streamer and mega-star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins continues to rack his brains today, mystified as to how he could possibly use his massive power and influence to effect change in the online culture that he is a part of.

Blevins came under scathing criticism this week after saying that he refused to stream with women, because his fanbase would assume that they were involved in a sexual relationship, and that could damage his relationship with his wife in his personal life.

Speaking to Point & Clickbait in an exclusive interview, Blevins defended his decision, saying that it was unfair to assume he could change the culture he was a part of, simply because he was highly respected, influential, popular and wealthy.

“Online culture has always been this way,” he explained. “And that means it can’t be changed. Society has never been changed, ever, not once, and certainly not by somebody with a lot of followers and power. Everything about our culture has always been exactly the way it is.”

“Anyway, just because something is having a harmful and damaging effect on my personal life, is that any reason to change it? Absolutely not. Quite frankly, I enjoy being trapped in a prison of my own making, knowing that the slightest misstep could destroy everything I have worked for.”

The popular streamer paused to take a breath and think about his next sentence, during which he lost 4,300 subscribers.

“In many ways, haven’t all of us cultivated a rabid fanbase of sexually charged gamer bros who are holding us hostage to their ridiculous standards?” concluded Blevins, thoughtfully.

“I think that’s something the average person on the street can relate to.”

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