EXPOSED: Controversial Game Developer Zoe Quinn Caught Red-Handed Trying To Get On With Her Life

She’s at it again, folks! In yet another embarrassing slip-up for this notorious figure, controversial game developer Zoe Quinn has been spotted in broad daylight trying to put the nightmare of the last two years behind her and move on with her life. And, of course, the usual mob of SJW media are just letting her get away with it!

Incredible leaked images show this disgraced feminist engaging in underhanded, worrisome activities like “buying groceries” and “making tea”, all of which point to a vast conspiracy that is just begging to be unravelled.

What is she planning? We don’t know for sure, but a detailed analysis of 17 of her tweets that we’ve carefully archived (in case she deletes them) show an assortment of vegetables, grains and meats, so it’s extremely likely that she’s plotting some kind of stew or possibly casserole. One thing is for sure: this must be stopped.

At the time of writing Quinn was last seen promoting her new game, some early videos of which show a half-naked man wearing a unicorn mask and gyrating sexually. As right-thinking champions of free speech and supporters of artistic freedom, we must not allow this filth to proceed unchallenged. Our rights — and potentially Western civilisation itself — is at stake.

Keen-eyed observers believe that Quinn’s new venture will act as a fulfilling artistic and creative pursuit, providing her with long-term personal growth — exactly the kind of heavy-handed SJW tactic that we’ve come to expect from her type. Although it’s not clear at this point what her shadowy motivations are for this highly suspicious behaviour, you can count on us to continue analysing her every movement to get to the bottom of whatever is really going on.

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