Azeroth Inhabitants Bracing For 47th World-Ending Apocalypse Of The Week

Villagers, peasants and soldiers across Azeroth are going about their day as normal today, safe in the knowledge that the world is, once again, about to end.

Riots, panic and chaos were just a few of the things not in evidence across Azeroth’s major cities, as weary Horde and Alliance citizens alike trudged past the posters warning of yet another world-shattering event that would see life as they know it end in a rain of steel and fire.

Local merchant Thaldereas Duskbow explained that while the first “five or six” apocalypses were “a bit worrisome”, it was now business as usual.

“The first couple of times we had people stocking up on supplies, buying wagons for evacuation, that sort of thing. Now people just come in for a bit of a chat, sit by the window and watch the heroes rush back and forth, doing their thing.”

The Burning Legion, an infinite army of demons from the depths of hell, declined to give an interview but claimed in a statement released to the press that they were “quietly confident” about the potential of this particular apocalypse.

“Citizens of Azeroth can rest assured that, this time around, we are absolutely, definitely going to burn their cities to the ground and feast on their flesh.”

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