Notch Updates His Twitter Account

Noted game developer Markus “Notch” Persson, creator of Minecraft, has updated his Twitter account.

“It was a difficult decision,” confided Notch to Point & Clickbait in an exclusive and entirely fictional interview. “But I figured, hey, that’s what Twitter is for, right? You say things on it.”

Point & Clickbait watched as Notch — still wearing his trademark hat despite the fact that we were both indoors — tapped away carefully on the keyboard. He stopped several times, as if thinking to himself carefully. Then he wrote a bit more, until he was finished.

Suddenly, he frowned. “That’s 147 characters,” he said. “I’ll have to delete a word.”

We held our breath as he scanned over his tweet, looking for spare characters he could remove. “Ah,” he said finally, highlighting and deleting the necessary characters. “That’ll do it.”

Cautiously and slowly, the legendary indie developer then leaned over and hit the ‘Tweet’ button, sending his tweet to his 2.9 million followers.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever tweet again,” he said. “That one really took it out of me.”

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