Battlefield Social Media Team Reconsiders Plans For Holocaust-Themed Hashtag

Following the disastrous reception of their “#justWWIthings” hashtag, the Battlefield social media team are holding a last-minute review of their social media strategy to reconsider whether the next phase — a campaign based around photos of gas chambers, medical experiments and mass graves — is actually a good idea.

Sources inside the social media team remain perplexed as to why their initial campaign, which superimposed witty quotes onto images of brutal armed conflict where millions died, wasn’t an instant smash hit.

“How can you see the phrase ‘when you’re too hot for the club’ on a picture of people being roasted alive, and not laugh?!” complained one exasperated social media manager.

“Oh, right, the endless suffering and inhuman cruelty of war that echoes throughout history, right. Right.”

EA’s chief operating officer Peter Moore is understood to have personally ordered the review of the upcoming “#justHolocaustThings” hashtag, worried that it might be send “the wrong message”.

“We don’t want to be seen to be promoting the horror of war,” explained Moore in an email exclusively leaked to Point & Clickbait.

“Just the cool parts.”

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