Retail Version Of Cuphead Will Ship With Obnoxious, Irregular Disc Which Doesn’t Quite Fit In Console

Notoriously difficult platformer Cuphead is set to make things even more difficult when it releases in a retail box, shipping on a special edition “difficult” disc which only fits in the console at a particular angle.

Sources suggest that the disc is an “extremely fucked up” bit of warped plastic, irregular in size and thickness but with Cuphead’s iconic art style perfectly printed on top.

In a video released to promote the retail version, developer StudioMDHR hailed the retail exclusive disc as “a natural extension of Cuphead’s design philosophy,” and then a few minutes later labelled it as a “piece of shit” after it refused to go into the Xbox.

The news was welcomed by some members of the hardcore gaming community, with Twitch personality PopCultureBloodPurity streaming two full hours of him swearing and kicking the disc repeatedly before it finally slid into the console, whereupon it started smoking.

“That’s how a real gamer does it,” explained the triumphant gamer as he doused his console with a fire extinguisher. “You wouldn’t see those SJW pussies being able to do something like that. No fucking way.”