Riot Games Asks Harassed Women Developers To Get On Mic And Prove They Are Women

A lawyer acting for Riot Games has today told a Californian court that the women suing the company for gender discrimination should “get on voice chat” and prove that “they really are women and not just pretending so they can get carried”.

Explaining that “everyone knows chicks don’t play League,” lawyer Randall Spordon said it was simply “common sense” to be cautious.

When the confused Los Angeles county judge pointed out that the plaintiffs could simply “speak into any given headset and it would prove nothing,” Spordon admitted that it may become necessary for the women to “post full-body pics”, which he confusingly promised “not to share” with the court.

In a post-courtroom press session held after quietly having Mr. Spordon fired, Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent suggested that the company deeply regretted the way the case had been handled, and would be pursuing a different strategy.

“We are genuinely committed to a culture of genuinely committing to genuine change at Riot Games,” said Laurent. “We are absolutely committed to that, and that’s our commitment to you, the players, right now. We will genuinely commit for as long as it takes this shit to go away.”

Invoking a private arbitration clause in the women’s contracts, Laurent said that the company may attempt to force the women to use the long-defunct, player-run in-game ‘Tribunal’ system as a third-party arbitration tool instead.

“With more than 27 million people playing League of Legends every single day, we believe that our current and former women employees can feel confident in the Tribunal system and our highly empathic players inside it, who will give them a much more detailed hearing than any one courtroom judge, who is probably plastic tier anyway,” Laurent said.

“The League of Legends community is, after all, famous for its attitude towards toxicity and nuanced discussion,” he continued. “That is technically what it is famous for.”

The case is likely to be put on hold until the judge can have his grandson explain League of Legends to him.

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