PUBG Creator Defends New Loot Crate System: “I Need Money To Buy Overwatch Crates”

The playerbase of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may be in open revolt over the decision to introduce microtransactions while the game is still in Early Access, but creator Brendan Greene has defended the decision, saying he “desperately needs Hanzo’s Okami skin.”

“I understand that players have concerns about our randomised cosmetic item crate system,” explained Greene in a Steam patch note. “I can see how it might be unfair to spend money on crates with no guarantee of what will come out of them. I sympathise with that.”

“But here’s the thing: when Hanzo fires his Dragonstrike with the Okami skin on, it’s a giant wolf. That owns. I need that. I need you to buy lots of crates so that I can buy lots of crates. Please try to understand.”

The PUBG community point to a variety of interviews in which Greene promises not to introduce microtransactions until the game leaves Early Access as evidence that they are being unfairly taken advantage of.

One post in particular, which has shot to the top of the PUBG subreddit, accuses Greene of being unwilling to explore other options – an accusation that Greene rejects.

“We are doing all we can,” explained Greene. “We are opening game design crate after game design crate looking for alternative monetisation solutions, but all we’re getting are duplicates of this same one. It’s really bad stuff. I don’t know who designed this, but it’s really bad.”

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