Local Man Wondering If You’ve Noticed That Every Game Has A Battle Royale Mode Now

Local man Jason Chapman is today leaning over your shoulder while you’re on the train and wondering if you’ve noticed that every game seems to be adding its own take on the ‘Battle Royale’ genre.

“Lol seems like everyone’s going for the Battlegrounds thing,” said Chapman in the comments section of a website that you frequent, and also in your Twitter notifications, and also on his YouTube channel.

“Guess nobody has an original idea any more,” confirmed the local man loudly to his friends at the local Gamestop as you stood shopping nearby.

Chapman’s behaviour may indicate that he has noticed a broader ongoing trend in the games industry, according to expert observers.

“What’s next, Mario Battlegrounds or something haha,” said Chapman directly into your ear while you tried to sleep.

“Lmao copy PUBG much? Get your own ideas,” added the insightful commentator as you gently pushed him out of your house and locked the door.

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