Silver Lining: Visceral Employee Comforted To Know Her Layoff Was Part Of “Pivot”

EA’s closure of Visceral Games may have left hundreds of people wondering how they are going to feed their families, but programmer Angela Doyle is taking comfort in the fact that when she moves back in with her mum it will be because of a “pivot”, not a “shutdown”.

Doyle says that although she was initially devastated to learn that the studio where she had spent the last six years was closing, “things really started looking up when I learned we were pivoting instead”.

“I don’t know what we’re pivoting to, exactly,” Doyle explained. “Unemployment, I guess. Misery? Anyway, Patrick Soderlund says we’re pivoting, so things can’t be all bad.”

EA’s senior vice president Patrick Soderlund was responsible for ordering the pivot, a decision he says he doesn’t take lightly.

“We had a tremendous responsibility on our shoulders,” explained Soderlund. “A lot of pressure was riding on which word we chose to use in our announcement. That was the thing that was most at stake in this decision, and I’m proud to say we leaned in, we ramped up, and we did the right thing by choosing to say ‘pivot’.”

“That kind of forward thinking is what EA is all about.”

Later, after examining her bills, Doyle would confirm to Point & Clickbait that things were, in fact, quite bad.

“I was wrong about that,” she added.

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