Detective Pikachu’s True Crime Podcast To Finally Solve Case Of Murdered Pokémon Trainer

Fresh from his box-office success, Detective Pikachu is turning his attention to the world of true crime podcasting.

The pint-sized rodent investigator announced today, while adorably rolling around on the ground and licking at an enormous ice-cream cone as the assembled press cooed and rubbed his furry tum, that his upcoming podcast series will investigate the murder of Arnold Trang, whose body was found in a condition “beyond what any Pokémon Center could heal”.

The body of the 22-year-old Pokémon trainer was found in his home in Viridian City on April 16, 2016. The young man, who was known locally for training high-level Pokémon despite having conquered very few of the local gyms, was found with five mysterious injuries – significant charring, signs of electrical damage, a condition known as ‘rock trauma’, severe poisoning, and what the coroner described as “a bunch of grass and leaves crammed into his body”. Reports at the scene also indicated that the corpse was “relatively wet”, and that the man’s team of six Pokémon had been stolen.

Detective Pikachu has been open in the past about his belief that the murder was carried out by “the mysterious Team Rocket”, but promises to explore every angle, including the possibility that it was performed by “one of those other evil teams” that he “can’t remember the name of right now; you know, the ones from the sequels or whatever”.

The cherubic young detective, described by several of the journalists in attendance as their “son, who they must protect”, promised justice not only for Trang, but for his vanished Pokémon team as well. “These creatures are out there somewhere, and we can’t know for sure that their kidnappers aren’t sadistically forcing them to battle against their own kind,” Pikachu said. “They must be terrified.”

The first season of Detective Pikachu: And One Day, The Wind Blows In Cold From The East, And You Discover That There Are Wounds That Not Even A Full Restore Can Heal will release later this year.

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