YouTube’s “4,891 Strikes And You’re Out” Policy Claims Another Victim

Technology giant YouTube is once again under fire today after demonetising and effectively crippling the finances of a prominent right-wing firebrand who committed only 4,891 repeated incidents of racism, sexism, rape threats and hate speech.

Carl ‘Sargon of Akkad’ Benjamin, who rose to notoriety during GamerGate in 2014 after managing to convince gamers that “allowing women to play games” and “allowing an endless horde of Muslims who are also terrorists and also communists and also Jews into the country” were the same thing, was the latest victim of the 4,891 Strikes And You’re Out policy.

The “4,891 Strikes And You’re Out” policy has long been the subject of criticism, with unhinged racists suggesting that deplatforming someone after they have committed four thousand, eight hundred and ninety-one separate and clearly identifiable horrible things borders on “draconian censorship”, while unhinged leftists simply scream and pass out at the unimaginable horror of the techno-dystopia they find themselves living through.

YouTube however rejects any suggestion of censorship, saying that the policy is working as intended.

“Basically, the intention of the policy is that we don’t care about anything at all as long as advertisers are paying us money – and this kind of racist shit really brings in the eyeballs,” explained YouTube spokesman Nathanial Clorke. “So it’s absolutely working as intended in that regard. Also it’s legal. Did I mention that? I feel like I was supposed to mention that. It’s all nice and legal.”

“Huge congrats to Carl here for making it all the way to the full 4,891 though. We rarely see something like that. Massive achievement unlocked, or whatever you gamers say.”

Speaking to Point & Clickbait in an exclusive three hour long video statement, Benjamin explained that he was the victim of “a complex web of globalist elitist cultural marxists who had orchestrated mainstream media coverage to create subtle but irresistible patterns of social thought control and infiltrate companies like YouTube at the highest level,” and also “feminists, somehow”.

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