CEO Reluctantly Plans To Lay Off Staff If Game Is Commercial Failure, Or Success, Or Breaks Even

With the launch of his company’s next game just around the corner, CEO Dwayne Drake faces a heavy decision: what is the right amount of workers to lay off?

Drake explained to Point & Clickbait that he had been struggling with the decision ever since work on the game first began, but now the pressure was on.

“I’m really under the crunch now,” explained Drake. “These people – my people – are out there, just outside my office window, working 50, 60, 70 hour weeks to get the game shipped on time, and it’s up to me to decide how many of them to lay off. That’s real pressure.”

“Should I lay off some of the staff? What about most of the staff? Maybe even all of them? It’s a hard call to make, but I suppose that’s why they pay me the big bucks.”

The company’s board of directors were sympathetic to the stress Drake was under when contacted by Point & Clickbait, saying that it was important he be given the “time and space” necessary to “demonstrate his leadership”.

“I wouldn’t presume to advise Mr. Drake on exactly how many people he should lay off,” explained one board member, “but I would say that Mr. Drake should strongly consider what sort of bonuses I personally am eligible for if we reach certain profit markers this year. This may help guide him in his difficult decision.”

At the time of writing, Drake was still spinning in his office chair, a worried but determined look on his face.

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