Disgusting: Local Gamer Finds Mouse Cursor In Soup At Restaurant

Infuriated local gamer Hently Perb has claimed that he will stage an ongoing boycott campaign of restaurant Le Chet Póshe after finding a mouse cursor in his bowl of soup this week.

The cool and logical consumer told Point & Clickbait that he only noticed the mouse cursor because he was such a dedicated fan of soup (and some stews), and was very disappointed to find that the chefs of Le Chet Póshe were cutting corners to rush his entree out.

According to witnesses in the restaurant at the time, Perb leapt out of his chair when he discovered the mouse cursor and began screaming at other customers to “wake up” and stop being such “shills”. Several hours later, a baffled Le Chet Póshe manager was able to convince him to leave by inventing and then offering a coupon for “exclusive breadsticks”.

“I don’t mind paying for soup as a sort of ‘add-on’ to the meal, but I need to know that I’m getting a quality product and not something that’s just a quick cash-grab,” Perb explained as he drew a red circle around the mouse cursor (which might have actually been a crumb from his bread) in a photo he took.

“Honestly, Le Chet Póshe are worse than EA at this point, for me,” said Perb. “Selling me an unfinished bowl of soup like this and then asking me to pay more for drinks on top of it? I just feel like there’s no respect for the true soupers like me anymore.”

“It’s also really unprofessional,” he added as he scratched at an old chocolate milk stain on his Pickle Rick t-shirt.

At the time of writing, Perb has asked his mother to drive him to hospital after re-heating and consuming a can of Bart Simpson-branded alphabet soup that expired in 1998, “when eating was actually good and not so commercialised.”

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