Opinion: The Laid-Off Activision-Blizzard Employees Should Have Worked For Free, Which I Would Totally Do But I’m Busy Right Now

Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news, and it can’t have been easy for Bobby Kotick to announce that 800 Activision-Blizzard workers were losing their jobs.

But amid all the hand-wringing from bleeding-heart left-wing games journalists covering this difficult but necessary decision by brave and selfless management, there’s one simple fact that these people aren’t willing to consider.

All of these workers would still have jobs if they were willing to work for free, like I would do if I wasn’t so busy at the moment.

If these developers really loved games, they would work for free. Sorry, you say you’re “passionate about the industry”? Why don’t you prove it and help out poor Bobby Kotick by turning up for work without pay, then? I’ve got a bunch of things on that I need to take care of right now, but hypocrities like you have no excuse.

Saying this sort of thing is enough to get you ‘cancelled’ by the mainstream media, but I don’t care. It’s a simple equation – wages cost money. But once again, these people who claim to love the industry aren’t willing to hear the facts. They simply refuse to go without wages for the  months or years or whatever it would take to finish the game.

What kind of devotion is that? I’ve been buying collectors editions of games for years, so I know a few things about devotion, and listen up you lazy fucks – that ain’t it. If I was a game developer I’d be out there in the trenches, working away for no pay, that’s for sure. It’s a thing that would definitely be happening, assuming I had nothing else on that day (I do).

Once again, crazy loony lefties have blown the whole thing out of proportion. Activision’s profits were only up by a few percentage points when they decided to lay off 800 people. Think of how many more percentage points profits could have risen if these greedy developers had jumped on the grenade and said “don’t worry Mr. Kotick, I don’t need to be paid this month?”

Sure, the laid-off developers love to talk about solidarity, but it’s this kind of solidarity with the talented folks on the executive board that we really need. If I didn’t have a series of recurring appointments in my calendar I’d be the first one to put my hand up.

The next time you see these so-called “hard done by” developers weeping and crying in the parking lot, don’t fall for the mainstream media lies. They’re only there because they were too cowardly to turn up to work, day after day, with no compensation, like I’ve thought about doing.

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