Steam Discovery Algorithm Now Recommending Titles Most Likely To Become Epic Games Store Exclusives

Steam users are reporting that the proprietary storefront algorithm which governs the site has now begun recommending titles it believes are likely to soon disappear and reappear on the Epic Games Store.

Dozens of screenshots have surfaced on places like Reddit, with users claiming that the algorithm has earmarked major AAA titles “likely to be in negotiation for an exclusivity agreement”.

One user claimed that their “Discovery Queue” had been replaced by something called a “Betrayal Queue”, full of surprisingly popular titles.

“It’s not really an issue as the Discovery Queue was already recommending me absolutely unrelated stuff,” commented one Redditor. “So overall it’s probably a net gain.”

The Valve Software PR algorithm put out a brief statement earlier this morning saying that the company is “very strongly considering” hiring a real person to fix the issue.

“If this continues much longer, the algorithm which wrote the storefront algorithm may need to be temporarily suspended,” Valve claimed.

“We urge all developers to remain calm at this troubling time and think about how 70% is the biggest possible number there is. There are no numbers larger than 70%.”

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